Hey there, doggo lovers!

I’m Jesse, and we’re glad you’re here to learn more about our cause.

We Love Doggos is a Montana based, registered charity (501c3), and was founded based on a mutual family passion for animal rescue.

"When I’m called to make a difference, nothing can get in my way."

Jesse Jacobson photo

Jesse Jacobson

Creative Director and Charity Coordinator

In 2016, my family helped me adopt my dog Ellie Pickles, from Bideawee Animal Shelter; one of Manhattan’s oldest animal rescue facilities. The shelter informed me that the puppy had endless medical needs; deformed limbs, seizures, and a severe joint disorder. Nevertheless, the moment we laid eyes on each other I knew that I was up for the challenge. When I’m called to make a difference, nothing can get in my way. Since her adoption day, Ellie has undergone 5 surgeries, reduced her daily pill count from 6-per-day to 2-per-day, and is as happy as can be. It’s a lifelong commitment, but she has taught me patience, resilience, and joy no matter the circumstances.


Ellie’s progress has inspired me to make a greater impact. There are so many doggos out there just like her that need a little extra support in order to live a full and happy life. This is our fight. This is why we exist. We stand to protect and advocate for all dogs by building a community of hoomans that promotes compassion, strengthens the human-animal bond and provides support for doggos in need.

5,500 shelter dogs are euthanized in U.S Shelters every single day. Let me do the math for you… That’s 2,000,000 dogs each year. How many of them deserved to live and be loved? 100… Not one hundred dogs. One hundred PERCENT. It’s a lofty goal, but we’re committing ourselves to do everything we can to save the lives of doggos in need.

One dog changed my entire life, and we welcome you to join us in our mission to rescue countless more.