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Meet Pia!

Meet Pia! | We Love Doggos

We Love Doggos located this sweet baby, Pia, at Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter over in Eureka, Montana; we heard she was having some stress and anxiety from being in the shelter for so long. We decided she was more than deserving of a home for the holidays and waived her adoption fee! Since then, Pia has received over 25 interested people, and after a few trial runs with families, she has finally found her FURever home.  

One thing that we provided for Pia’s new family along with the waived adoption fee is some behavioral training in order to optimize her integration into the new space. She is a nervous lady, and all she needs is some extra love and resources to thrive.  She is a beautiful 3-year-old pup with so much to offer as a treasured family pet. Our care for Pia will continue until we are certain that she’s settled.

Pia, we love you!

Pia at Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter:

How gorgeous is this sweet doggo?! 



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