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Doggo Success Stories

Meet Farrah

This sweet baby was abandoned by a family that thought she was a picky eater; they were tired of her not accepting the food they gave her. It turns out that Farrah has an enzyme disease and struggles to process her food! When we first met this sweet Saint Bernard, she was weighing in at 52lbs…at her age, she should have been at 70-80lbs. We Love Doggos stepped in to help the shelter to get to the bottom of this medical condition so that this doggo could find her way to her FURever home with a full belly! After providing her with a specialty diet, she gained some pounds back and was adopted to a patient and loving family that is willing to cater to Farrah’s dietary needs.

Doggo Success Stories

Meet Pia!

We Love Doggos located this sweet baby, Pia, at Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter over in Eureka, Montana; we heard she was having some stress and anxiety from being in the shelter for so long. We decided she was more than deserving of a home for the holidays and waived her adoption fee! Since then, Pia has received over 25 interested people, and we hope she finds her FURever home soon. 

One thing that we’ve offered for Pia’s new family along with the waived adoption fee is some behavioral training in order to optimize her integration into the new space. She is a nervous lady, and all she needs is some extra love and resources to thrive. She is a beautiful 3-year-old pup with so much to offer as a treasured family pet. Our care for Pia will continue until we are certain that she’s settled.

Doggo Success Stories

Meet Betty White!

We want to introduce you to this PAWsome litter of puppies, and the star of the show herself, Betty White! Immediately, we were touched by her story, as she was named after the famous actress in memory of her 100th birthday.  Betty, is a rescue out of Mission Valley Animal Shelter in Ronan, Montana. She and her brothers were surrendered to the shelter, and there was major concern that they might be sick with the dreaded parvo. We were so relieved to hear that they litter came out negative for the virus, but they have a long road ahead to health. From what we heard from the shelter; they are all quite emaciated.

As a community, we took action to help these doggos! We Love Doggos Charity was able to spay and neuter the entire litter of puppies! By providing this service to the rescue facility, we’re ensuring that Betty White and her brothers get adopted with ease in the months to come. We can’t wait to watch them grow and see them to their FURever homes. 

Betty, we love you!

Doggo Success Stories

Meet Maple!

This fundraiser was incredibly personal to Ellie Pickles and Jesse. A devastating fire burned through Boulder County, Colorado over the holiday season; just two miles from where they live. 600 homes were burned to the ground and countless animals went missing. The animal shelters are doing everything they can to bring in the lost pets from the cold, and their humans won’t go a day without searching for them. Jesse personally got in her car to search the streets for displaced pets.

Maple was one of the lucky ones. Thanks to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s Emergency Safety Net, Maple was reunited with her family. The sweet doggo ran for miles and ended up in the humane society’s care. After days of calling, they finally located her family! Boulder Valley Humane Society has reunited countless pets, and for those that lost cherished family pets, they held a candlelight vigil in their memory.

We are so proud to have fundraised to support the Emergency Safety Net…their team went above and beyond to help families in need. The moments of joy as pets were reunited with their humans provided a light in a dark time for the Boulder County community. Maple, we love you!

Here’s Maple after being reunited with her PAWrents:

Doggo Success Stories

Meet Clementine!

We Love Doggos has been sponsoring a sweet and energetic doggo rescued in Ronan, Montana at Mission Valley Animal Shelter! Clementine is only 3 years old but will be on heartworm medicine for the rest of her life…and not just the preventative type of medicine either. She is an top tier cuddler and lover, and we wanted to make sure nothing got in the way of her adoption. So, thanks to your support, we were able to waive her adoption fee and will support her medication costs for LIFE!

As soon as we provided the shelter and Clementine with this open door, someone walked through. In less than a week, Clementine was adopted and spent the holidays in the comfort of FURever home. 

At We Love Doggos, we believe that saving and supporting go hand-in-hand. Whether rescuing a high-risk doggo, or providing a lifetime of care, we are going to be there for the dogs that need it most. Clementine, we love you!