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Cara From the Underdog Railroad

This month’s Featured Hooman Hero is the founder of The Underdog Railroad Transport, Cara! She led a team of volunteers to transport 480 animals in 2021. We Love Doggos Charity is proud to be one of her monthly sponsors on this compassionate endeavor.

We first met Cara when she was doing a dog transport from Northern California to Helena, Montana, not far from where our company is based. We were touched by her drive to rescue doggos, and felt an immediate desire to help her in her mission. Cara began as a volunteer; she did the dirty work cleaning kennels and it quickly grew into helping with foster care for dogs that weren’t able to fit in the small shelter. She took action and began pairing dogs with facilities in neighboring states that had space and has been doing it ever since. Although Cara is California based, the limit does not exist for where she will travel to if there is space for a dog that might otherwise not make it. She has connections with shelters in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Cara breaks it down per nose; last year, each doggo rescued only broke down to about $45. The expense comes in with the transport itself including lodging for volunteers, gas for the vehicles, kennel rentals, etc. We Love Doggos Charity donors have allocated a monthly donation to The Underdog Railroad in hopes that she’ll be able to purchase her own transport vehicle in the year to come.

She ends most of our conversations with a simple and impactful phrase: “Teamwork Saves Lives,” and we couldn’t agree more. This hooman is a real hero in our eyes, and we can’t thank her enough for her fervent efforts to save doggos.

To learn more about The Underdog Railroad Transport, visit: