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It Was Love At First Sight for a Pigeon named Herman and a Chihuahua named Lundy

Meet Herman and Lundy! These adorable cuddle buddies are from The Mia Foundation, a rescue facility that focuses on animals with birth defects. Herman, a pigeon, suffered neurological damage and can no longer fly. Little Lundy, a chihuahua puppy, can't use his back legs. The two were bound to meet; as soon as Herman was put into Lundy's bed, they snuggled up almost immediately. This heartwarming story is proof that opposites really do attract! Thanks to their inseparable friendship, more than $6,000 have been donated to the rehabilitation center to unite even more unlikely friends. Scroll down to see the photos of this adorable duo!

Images & Article courtesy of Very Interesting

Without further ado, let's meet the warm and cuddly pair!

1."Nice to Meet You."

2. Love At First Sight.

Image Credit: Very Interesting


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Images & Article courtesy of Very Interesting

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