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PAWfectly Timed Dog Photos To Cheer You Up Today (17 Photos)

The PAWfect photo does exist! These doggos caught at just the perfect time prove that candid photos are simply the best. Dogs are composed most of the time, but they can also be goofy and wacky when we least expect it! 

At We Love Doggos, it's our passion to share the bliss of having dog companions so that our community continues to unite, strengthen and safeguard the human-animal bond. With dogs making us smile and laugh, we can also do something to make every paw feel our love and care.

Scroll down to see photos of dogs being carefree and tell us which one made you smile the most!

Images & Article courtesy of Cuteness

Without further ado, let's meet the charming dogs!

1. It's Okay For English Bulldogs To Be Un-Dignified Sometimes.

2. Naturally A Graceful Water Dog.

Image Credit: Jason In Holloywood


3. Wrinkles Magically Aged In No Time.

4. Who Is This Dog I See Booping Noses Back At Me?

5. This Is Why Queens Love Corgis.

6. When The Guard Dog Becomes Frantic.

Image Credit: SeattleMana via Reddit

7. Emergency Dog Collision.


8. Oh! She's So Elegant...

GIF Credit: Cuteness

9. HELP?


10. What A Perfect Landing... Well Almost!


Image Credit: Supervisions via Reddit


11. Enjoying The See Breeze.



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Images & Article courtesy of Cuteness

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