We Love Doggos Podcast

Rescue stories, community interviews, valuable advice, and all things related to our shared love for dogs.

The We Love Doggos Podcast is a heartwarming journey into the world of dog rescue stories, community interviews, valuable advice, and all things related to our shared love for dogs. Join us on this canine-inspired adventure as we amplify awareness, celebrate our Hero Club members, and spread the joy of making a positive impact in the lives of our furry friends.

E5: Meet The Founder of Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter


Welcome to episode 5 of the We Love Doggos podcast. Today you're going to hear the interview with Wendy, the executive director of the Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter, a charity partner of ours. And, you're going to hear how one woman, a small team, and a tiny budget turned an entire county from a kill county into a not kill county, and her journey to help save over 9,000 dogs.

E4: Meet The Founder of The Underdog Railroad


Embark on a heartwarming journey in our latest podcast episode, "Meet the Founder of the Underdog Railroad." Join us as we sit down with Cara, the compassionate founder behind the scenes of the Underdog Railroad.

​Gain insight into the world of rescue dog transportation, uncovering the challenges, triumphs, and the incredible impact this dedicated effort has on our furry friends.

E3: Community Member sPAWtlight


Welcome to Episode 3 of the We Love Doggos Podcast – a heartwarming Lend-A-Paw Special! 🐾 In this episode, we sit down with two incredible members of our community, Nancy Caley and Jane Cox, to share the inspiring tales of their dog rescues.

E2: Viva Los Doggos!


Dive into the heartwarming journey of Episode #2 as we embark on a mission to Ensenada, Mexico, alongside our cherished charity partner, The Animal Pad. 🌟 Join us as we share the tales of compassion and resilience, recounting the moments that define the spirit of Mexican Doggos.

E1: Meet We Love Doggos


In this inaugural episode, get to know the faces behind We Love Doggos, learn about our humble beginnings, and discover the incredible impact our community has had on the lives of dogs in need.

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