Here at We Love Doggos, we have a huge goal in mind; to save all the dogs! Connections in the dog rescue community make all the difference, and we are honored to be a affiliate. If you’re not familiar with, they are one of the top non-profits in the no-kill animal shelter movement. Their goal is to give every dog a chance, and to lay the foundation for a nation without homeless pets. 

We have teamed up with them on multiple occasions and continue to promote their campaigns to raise awareness! From their popular Strut Your Mutt Campaign to a We Love Doggo sponsored event entitled Pay It Forward, We Love Doggos is always there when needs support! As a team, we were able to raise $13,000.00 and save 520 doggos during the Pay It Forward campaign in April of 2021. We’ve cultivated a PAWsitively awesome relationship with this monumental company, and can’t wait to see else we accomplish together!

To learn more about their objectives and upcoming campaigns, visit: