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Super Doggos are success stories from the Doggos we save or help along their journey to a happy life.
Hooman Heroes are members of our community who go out of their way to be a hero to doggo(s) in need.
Below are many of the amazing stories in our pursuit to make the world a better place for Doggos.



Meet Delilah, or “Dee-Dee” as we’ve come to know her.

She’s almost two years old, and her birthday is on Valentines Day…must mean her heart and soul are extra loving!

My husband and I decided that we wanted a companion for Miss Ellie; the gal has been through so much, and sometimes need a little extra spark to get her achy bones moving.


Doggos Saved


Super Doggos


Meet Nipsey, a three-month old Heeler mutt who was rescued before he was even born (seriously!) READ MORE

Hooman Heroes


Olga is a kind-hearted dog mom of two precious Doggos, Daisy and Lola, and a member of our WLD VIP Community. READ MORE



If he looks familiar, last week we sent out a community-wide “Dogg-O-Lert” looking for a “foster-to-adopt” home... 


Lil Bitz

Bitzy (as she's affectionately known) found her way home with Jerry T., one of our We Love Doggos community members about 3 years ago.

Lil Bitz was adopted from Wright-Way Rescue Shelter in Murpheysboro, Illinois, and according to Jerry, she is one in a thousand.

Lil Bitz has a super power



We are happy to report that Auburn has been moved to a long-term no-kill shelter in order to rest and recover after her surgery. She is safe from harm at last and we hope Auburn will build strength and trust in her time before being adopted out. We appreciate all who responded to our “Dogg-o-lert;” ya’ll are REAL HOOMAN HEROES.


We got a call from Cara at The Underdog Railroad (one of the incredible dog transport charities we support) about a gorgeous little guy who was in constant pain and needed to have his deformed leg amputated if he was ever going to be adopted or have a happy life.



Rocky was dropped off at the shelter when his paw-ents passed away. Because of your continued support of We Love Doggos, we paid is adoption fees so he could find a new home. YOU helped us save this little guy when he needed it the most.


Garnet is a three-year-old bully mix with a ton of pizazz. She came to them as a stray and it appeared that she had just weaned puppies! This mama is looking for a family that loves her on a needs basis versus just looking at her breed. We Love Doggo‘s is proud to sponsor Garnet and we’ve waived her adoption fee in order that she might make her way to the comforts of home. READ MORE


This sweet baby was abandoned by a family that thought she was a picky eater; they were tired of her not accepting the food they gave her... READ MORE


She is sweet and energetic doggo, and the very first of the We Love Doggos sponsorships! She was rescued in Ronan, Montana at Mission Valley Animal Shelter.... READ MORE


Community Favorite Hooman Heroes


First, let’s meet Chelsey. She rescued two beautiful German Shepherds named Luna and Elektra.

Elektra was a stray dropped off at a kill shelter when she was just 8 months old.

Luckily, Chelsey found her there before her time was up and brought her home.



Cynthia, a dog mom of two sweet rescue pups, enjoys spending time at the farmer’s market.

It’s a weekly outing for her during the summer months, and it was on one of these outings that a sweet little black and white doggo caught Cynthia’s attention.



3,403! That’s the number of dogs saved by ONE person from 2017 – 2021!

This year she is saving almost 800 more…and you, our We Love Doggos community, are helping her do it.

Meet Cara, the Founder of the Underdog Railroad and our Hooman Hero this week.

Our founder, Terry, first met Cara when saw her dog transport on the highway near Butte, Montana. He noticed that the van was packed full of dog kennels (17 to be exact) and what appeared to be dozens of dogs.


Rebecca M.

It’s heart wrenching, but most doggo lovers have been faced with the situation. We see a stray dog on the side of the road or in a parking lot and KNOW, “If I don’t do something, that dog is going to get hurt or die!”

This is the story of how Rebecca saved Loki.


Sheryle B.

This is my WilmaI looked for a pug to adopt for almost 2 years. One day, someone on my friend's list (that I never talked to before I friend requested her because she had a bunch of adorable pugs and I wanted to see their pictures) messaged me out of the blue about her. She was saved from a NJ puppy mill. They brought her to me in PA on Aug. 20th 2017 and she has filled my life with laughter and joy every day since!

Christine S.

We Adopted Jeter on 10/24/21. He is originally from Alabama. He came up in a 18 wheeler truck. He was 1 of 9 brothers and sisters. He didn’t know how to get in a car. My boyfriend had to pick him up to to get in car. He sat between the 2 of us. Mostly sitting on my lap.Took him to the vets to get checked out. Had a clean bill of health! We took our forever Jeter home to his new home. He met his brother! We are one happy family!

Carol H.

We have 4 rescue dogs. My husband has two hounds, Belle and Mason. Belle came up to Chicago area on a transport from Tennessee and Mason is from Southern Illinois. I have Lizzy a yellow Lab and Meghan a black lab mix. Both are from L.E.A.R.N. (Lab Education and Rescue Network). We think they are the best! It only allowed me to upload one picture, so Lizzy won the dice throw!

Marcia L.

This is Bella. Rescued her from Lied Animal Shelter in Las Vegas. She was born with a cleft lip and at the time had a tumor on the back of her neck and one under the shoulder muscle. We had the tumors removed, which were cancerous, and now she is a happy playmate for our other female pitbull, Blue.

Our AMAZING Rescue Stories​

Christopher K.

This is Spirit. My family adopted her 2 years ago. She is from South Carolina and was brought to Jersey. My step dad heard about her on the radio and my parents went to meet her, my parents fell in love with her and they brought her home that day. I was so excited to meet her

Elissa E.

We adopted Artemis over a year ago. He was a stray, which he probably enjoyed more than being in a fenced yard. He’s an escape artist but always comes back to us. I always wanted a husky and he’d definitely not as easy to train as a boxer! 

Kristin G.

Freya adopted from shelter 12 year ago. She had been found out running and nobody came to claim her. I had just lost my GSD a few weeks prior. A friend told me they had a GSD at the shelter,and asked if it was too soon. I said it was but I just kept thinking about this dog in the shelter. I went down "to look". So glad I did.❤️

Alicja D.

Not from a shelter but from a family that has mistreated... Wasn't socialized at all, her ear was bitten of by one of the dogs that are there, she was only 10kg at 4months... As she had to fight for her food... As they said " they play fight for food" she was scared of anyone putting their hands up to the point she peed herself everytime someone raised a hand ( of course not on her) and she was in a metal pen with 9 pups and 2 adult dogs... With no grass around... Still learning but getting much better each day ! She's 11 months next week 🙂

Harshada M.

This is Chikoo. Not exactly from shelter but we found our baby with her brother on a busy street near airport. I already had two rescue dogs so tried her and her brothers adoption. He got adopted soon. But we fell in love with this princess and she ended up staying with us.

Kelly E.

This is Jack❤️ he's 2-3 years old. He is so sweet. I adopted him from a rescue in March. No one else had applied for him which I find crazy! He was abandoned in Kentucky I believe? I love him so much!

Louise L.

This is our rescued baby, Chloe. She had been dumped at a high kill shelter in Naples FL. They wisely contacted UnderDog Rescue and someone went to pick her up. When we met her she was being fostered at a home in Bradenton FL. Within 5 minutes of us being at the house she jumped up in my husband's lap. She had picked out her humans!!!!!! We've had her 7 years and we love and spoil on her every day. We've got a deal, I don't mention how gray she's gotten and she doesn't mention that my hair is white!

Annette P.

My little Sunnie❤️ From the Humane society. From a cruelty/neglect/hoarding situation. There were about 40 others. She was 6 months old when I got her. She's 4 now. 😍

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