Weekly PUPdate – September 7, 2023

Huck’s Heroes Memorial Fundraiser Raffle – Tap Here

We are back with another We Love Doggos Charity Weekly PUPdate as we continue our mission to make the world a better place for dogs! In this week’s Charity PUPdate, we’ll spotlight one of our partner charities The Animal Pad, honor Huckleberry, our recently departed Brand Ambassadoggo, and tell you about a FUN-draiser we’re holding in his honor.
The Animal Pad – We are honored to partner with the great people over at The Animal Pad in San Diego, California. These heroes do things a little different, and they help the doggos that no one else will or wants to. They believe all doggos deserve a chance, and we couldn’t agree more. They’re like fire fighters who rush into a burning building, they rush in and rescue dogs from the worst situations imaginable.
Mexican Doggo Rescue Mission – Recently, the heroes at The Animal Pad went on a rescue mission to Ensanada, Mexico where they found close to 400 doggos in really bad shape. They were able to escape with 387 dogs in their care, without really knowing how they would care for this pack of doggos. This is where our community is stepping up with the Huck’s Heroes Memorial Fundraiser.
Huck’s Heroes Memorial Fund Raiser
Starting today, in honor of our recently departed Ambassa-doggo Huckleberry, we are launching a raffle in his honor. Eleven fantastic prizes up for grabs with a value totalling over $1,000.00! All proceeds will be donated to our affiliate shelter in San Diego, The Animal Pad.
Enjoy the video!